Our thanks to Bistro at the Terminus.

We switched to Supply Me Clean Things and we can’t believe the difference. Our floors have never been cleaner and the table tops are shining. Thanks Guys.

Jason @ Bistro at the Terminus

Hygiene is everything when running a successful restaurant and bar. There are few industries with so many cleaning challenges from the kitchen, the tables, drinks being spilt on the bar and gravity making everything else end up on the floor.

We understand this market very well and have simple solutions available.
• Clear unscented Virosan for food preparation areas.
• Food Preparation standard Micro Fibre cloths manufactured by Vissy to maintain a clean kitchen.
• Our Citrus Concentrate has a Heavy Duty mix that degreases Rangehoods and Ovens without the caustic fumes.
• Mop the floors each night using our ph Neutral No Rinse Floor Cleaner. No more sticky, tacky floors with this soap-free finish. Just mop and leave.
• Citrus Concentrate Multi Purpose leaves your dining tables shining and the colour-coded Commercial Micro Fibre cloths ensure no cross-contamination.
• Keep your windows sparkling and clear with our Citrus Concentrate (5l makes 500 litres) with no ammonia after-smell.

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