Virosan Sanitiser Concentrate 5L

$140.00 excl. GST

Ultra powerful Anti bacterial, Anti fungal and Anti Viral sanitiser and de-odoriser.

5 litres makes up over 300 litres (600x 500ml spray bottles)

Meet the latest  requirements in providing your staff a safe and clean work environment. Lightly mist over all door handles, counters, desks and work stations every day.

Gyms: Great for sanitiser stations, mats and all exercise equipment, shower floors and saunas.

Restaurants: Toilets, tables, bar top, door handles, rubbish bins, freshen carpets and curtains.

Motels/Apartments: Bench tops, bathrooms/toilets, floors, tiled areas. Plus as air freshener.

Schools: Daily clean of all desks and chairs, toilets, door handles, doors, floors.

Physio and Podiatry Clinics: Sanitiser all seats, mats, counters after every client visit.

Hire Company Portaloo sanitiser. Make a visit to this essential service less scary.

We are a Dunedin based cleaning supplies company. We ship our products NZ wide. We have many happy clients for our cleaning products, especially in the South Island – Dunedin, Christchurch, Timaru, Balclutha, Wanaka, Queenstown, Christchurch etc.

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